Lipofilling control pants


Immediate post-op - lipomodelling of the buttocks

Patented model and technology. Class 1 Medical Device



Size Guide


Buste (cm) 63/67 68/72 73/77 78/82 83/87 88/92 93/97 98/102 103/107
Taille (cm) 62/66 66/70 70/74 74/78 78/82 82/86 86/100 100/104 104/108
Bassin (cm) 86/90 90/94 94/98 98/102 102/106 106/110 110/114 114/118 118/122
Cuisse (cm) 51/53 53/55 55/57 57/59 59/61 61/63 63/65 65/67 67/69
Taille FR/BE 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
Taille UE 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48


Post-operative becomes comfortable! Our high-tech fabric offers great freedom of movement thanks to its multi-dimensional elasticity, it adapts to the curves of the body and follows its oedematous evolution. The delicate part of the buttocks that has been weakened by the operation is covered by a very thin fabric insert. The fabric provides an ease and comfort that will optimise the results of the surgery.

  • Adjustable "easy clip" front closure with foam padding.
  • Thermal bonded finish
  • Light and breathable warp & weft fabric
  • Smooth appearance (fine grain) avoids marking the skin and promotes healing
  • Thin fabric insert covering the buttocks
  • Detachable and adjustable straps
  • Opening at the crotch

Patented model and technology. Class 1 Medical Device


30% Elasthanne - 70% Polyamide

Embody Embody Embody Embody Embody


Embody's high standards are reflected in its range of comfortable and effective products

Effective and gentle support for the skin

In order to ensure proper tissue resorption and healing, the skin requires the use of an effective support fabric. The Embody fabric is a technological breakthrough that means that it is no longer only thick fabrics that provide effective support (on the contrary, thick fabrics often hinder the mobility and breathing of the skin). The fabric developed by the technical team is made of warp and weft; its stretch is multiaxial, unlike traditional fabrics, whose stretch leads to a transfer of strength from one axis to the other. The stretching of Embody fabric has no effect on the effectiveness of its support.


Our Embody fabric fits all body types just like a second skin. The post-op lipmodelling pants has an ideal fit, without any hard compression. Wearing the garment becomes a real relief for post-operative pain and oedema. The support applied to the skin remains stable, even when expanding up to three times the original body volume. Similarly, the fabric helps the figure to deflate as the oedema subsides. The models are assembled with a soft glue, the thermal bonded fabric does not leave marks on the skin and is very comfortable to wear.

Surprisingly light

The thinness of the fabric (160g/m2) ensures that the skin can breathe and that any exudates or other secreted fluids can be easily removed.


The resistance of the fabrics of the lipmodelling pants is regularly tested by the workshops. As post-operative garments are often put to the test, they must be robust. Moreover, the addition of chlorine or chlorine derivatives will not cause any deterioration in the fabric of Embody post-operative garments.


The post-operative lipmodelling pants are there for you day and night, so in order to ensure good hygiene, care must be simple. The Embody fabric has a record drying time; as soon as it is washed, it is worn! However, it is recommended that patients buy two products so that they can alternate between them.

UV protection

Embody lingerie protects against the sun's UV rays (UPF 50+). This protection is particularly important during the post-operative recovery phase as the skin is fragile and needs to heal in the best possible conditions.