Lingerie Post-operative

Lingerie Post-operative

Body contouring surgery

Post-operative garments must be effective and comfortable because they are worn for up to 8 weeks day and night after surgery. Flexible, light, and extremely breathable. The Embody fabric makes them extremely comfortable to wear and helps to reduce post-operative pain significantly. It's like a second skin, and you'll forget about your support garments.

Surgery for Men

The Embody line is masculine, simple, and technical, and is used after gynecomastia correction, liposuction of the stomach and hips, or abdominal etching.

Breast Surgery

The post-operative bra is worn in the months following a breast surgery whether it is an enlargement, reduction, reconstruction or lift. Your new breast will need to be cocooned for a better recovery after reconstruction and optimal comfort.
Designed in very specific high-tech materials, Embody bras, thanks to their support, prevent breast mobility, facilitate healing and reduce pain.
Their effective support also reduces swelling and fluid retention around the implant and chest wall. They maintain correct implant positioning.

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