After having breast surgery, do I need to wear suitable lingerie?

After breast surgery your breasts become delicate and need to be supported and cocooned at the same time. Embody has created a technical, comfortable and aesthetic line to meet the needs of every reshaped breast.

Implanted breasts become harder, nipple positioning changes and implant retention is important; these are just a few of the many technical requirements that are part of the Embody specification. Breasts that have had fat added via lipofilling also require a technical bra to be worn; they are denser and the nipple is higher.

If you are looking for optimal comfort without compromising your elegance, the Embody line will seduce you !

Which post-surgery lingerie should I choose ?

After a plastic surgery, your body is weakened. It needs to be supported in its recovery process. This is why plastic surgeons recommend wearing a support garment. The purpose of this garment is to reduce oedema and swelling, to avoid shearing the skin and to re-drape the tissues. It is often found that quality post-operative garments help to alleviate post-surgical pain. They have a real pain-relieving effect.

After any breast surgery (reconstruction, enlargement, reduction or lifting) it is recommended to wear a post-surgery bra. Its role is to keep the implants in place or to prevent fatty deposits or to maintain the final shape of the breast.

After liposuction of the abdomen, we recommend wearing a post-surgical girdle and after liposuction of other parts of the body we recommend wearing a post-surgical pants : several sizes and types are available

Embody has designed a selection of effective and comfortable support undergarments, perfectly designed for post-surgery reconstruction.

How to measure ?

It's very simple! Simply place the tape measure horizontally, without pressing, on the areas to be measured (which you can find here).

No tape measure ?

Take your measurements with a thread, then transfer the length to a ruler. Once you have your measurements, you have two options: use our size calculator (link) or refer to our size guide (link). That's it! If you have any questions, our technical advisors will be happy to help.

How do I know what size to order before surgery ?

In all cases, please refer first to the table of measurements available on our site.

For body shaping surgery, measurements are taken before the operation: measurements are taken on bony areas and/or areas that will not experience much or no variation in volume. Once you have taken your measurements, follow our size guide and order the corresponding size.

In case of doubt between two sizes, we invite you to take the smaller size; our post surgery garments are adjustable on 4 levels, which allows you to gain 1 to 2 sizes when they are loosened to the maximum! It is true that body contouring surgery is designed to reduce your body fat, but it is important to know that you will not notice these changes in the first few days after the surgery as you will have gained some swelling.

As the oedema subsides, your Embody support lingerie will continue to provide effective support for your body: as it is made of warp and weft, its fabric does not stretch (unlike traditional knitted fabrics)

For breast surgery, the procedure is different. In the case of enlargement, reduction or sometimes even lifting and reconstruction, your size will change, often dramatically. In most cases, your surgeon will prescribe a specific post-operative bra size; if your surgeon is familiar with Embody products, we encourage you to follow his or her prescription. If not, please contact our technical advisors.

Using your bust measurement (this value will not change after surgery) and the size of the implants, our technical advisors are able to decide what size to order. The same applies to reductions, depending on your doctor's recommendations.

For breast lifts, it is sometimes recommended to choose a size smaller than your usual size; even if the surgeon does not remove any fat, the fact of lifting the breasts will make them firmer and will require a smaller cup.

After how many weeks can I start doing normal activities again?

Resuming normal activity will depend largely on the type of surgery you have undergone and of course on your ability to recover.

Only your surgeon can answer this question on a personal basis. However, Embody's goal is to get you back on your feet as soon as possible, which is why we have designed soft, discreet lingerie that will hardly be noticed.

The post plastic surgery pants and bodysuits have a thin fabric that is not noticeable under clothing. The support bras have a very elegant look, just like the classic lingerie: you will feel like a woman from the very first moments after the surgery !

Under a blouse, no one will notice that it is a post-surgery bra !

Otras preguntas

The breast compression belt is a removable elastic band, which is positioned on top of the breasts. Its role is to hold the implants in place and is therefore only recommended for breast enlargement with implants. If your surgeon has not prescribed a bra support for you when you undergo breast enlargement with implants, don't worry: this simply means that in your case the bra support is not essential.

The old saying that you have to suffer to be beautiful is outdated! From now on, the support garment (which must be worn for an average of 5 to 8 weeks) is light and comfortable! The technology provided by the fabric designed by Embody is to provide effective support despite its remarkable thinness. When you wear the bodysuit or pants, you will feel like a second skin: the garment is forgotten. It does not compress, does not give the feeling of wearing a stiff, thick suit, but leaves you free to move. Don't be surprised by the non-breathing effect of our compression garments; they have been designed to give you effective compression !

As a result of the advances in Embody fabric, you no longer need to wear a thick, stiff garment to ensure effective compression. If you don't feel compressed in your Embody post-surgery garment, don't panic; it is still very effective! If you still want to make sure you have chosen the right size, please contact customer service.

Finding the right surgeon is the result of a very personal choice, giving priority to the "feeling" and the close relationship above all: it is essential to feel at ease with your surgeon in order to dare to discuss all the intimate questions you may have. We cannot direct you towards a particular surgeon but we invite patients to get all the information they need beforehand about existing practitioners, on the networks or by word of mouth.

These two techniques have very different results, your choice will depend on the size and shape of your breasts. For more information, we invite you to read the blog article.

The main purpose of a post-surgery garment is analgesic; to limit post-surgery pain. Its role is to support you throughout your post-operative recovery process. The post-surgery garment relieves and supports you: the support serves to reduce swelling, avoid the appearance of hematoma and oedema, re-drape the tissues and avoid detachment or shearing. It is for these reasons that the vast majority of plastic surgeons prescribe compression garments; they promote good post-operative results.

As with many peri-operative parameters, the amount of time the post-surgical garment is worn varies greatly depending on the type of operation and the patient's ability to recover. The recommended time to wear the postoperative garment is between 4 and 8 weeks. However, if you experience any discomfort, do not hesitate to wear the garment beyond this time period.

Embody support lingerie is put together using the thermal bonding technique, the fabrics are joined together using an ultra-resistant adhesive. However, the maintenance of thermal bonded garments is delicate: hand washing is preferred. We also strongly recommend that you do not tumble dry the garments. Bras are made from noble materials, Calais lace, Lyonnaise embroidery, etc., so their care is also delicate: the same instructions should be followed.

The mommy makeover is the name given to one or more plastic surgery operations that restore a young mother's pre-pregnancy body. It often involves breast and abdominal surgery, sometimes thighs and arms are also modified. Breasts that have been emptied after breastfeeding are lifted and enlarged (with implants or lipofilling), and the loose skin of the stomach is rectified with an abdominoplasty. In just one or two operations, the young mother can regain her old body !

Abdominal etching is a plastic surgery technique that consists of creating fake abs! Thanks to a localized injection of fat, the stomach of a man who has never done any sport can be shaped into a beautiful abdomen !