Explore, innovate, sublimate

To magnify women, to make them beautiful and confident in their skin and in their lives. Our history is written and lived in the feminine.

Since its origin, Embody advocates modernity, the beauty of the body and revolutionizes the world of lingerie through its aesthetic post-surgical line. A complete treatment that brings together the best of technology through exceptional materials guaranteeing an effective post-operative result, respectful of the skin.

In 2022, Embody, inspired by its line of ultra-technical post-operative lingerie, unveils its Dolce Vita collection, a line specifically designed to support and sublimate your chest, like a second skin.

Because the new breasts are sensitive and demanding in comfort, our collection adapts perfectly to their new needs. This is the first lingerie specifically studied for their new forms after cosmetic surgery. Ideal for new breasts, this collection is also suitable for natural breasts.

A story of creative audacity that draws inspiration from women’s lives, their needs, their daily lives, and their desires.

The repairing
power of post-operative lingerie

OEKO-TEX® certified, our SECONDE SKIN bi-elastic warp and weft fabric is among the best stretch fabrics in the world. Specifically designed for immediate post-operative reconstruction, it provides a perfect hold without feeling of compression, as a second skin. Equipped with an ergonomic elasticity, it reduces pain, and the expansion of edema.

Thanks to our incredible patented «easy-clip» closures, our linens are simply and ergonomically fastened: an indispensable part of the post-operative period.

All our models are assembled seamlessly by the best manufacturers, experts in «bonding» to avoid the indelible markings of the seams on the skin. Embody’s know-how is to devise solutions to improve comfort and beautify the body as surgical techniques evolve.


A very technical expertise

Our models, from the French corsetry imagine our collections with all the requirement and precision necessary for lingerie. The pieces with cut and precision finish guarantee a perfect «fit» in the service of the breasts, natural or not.

In constant search of innovation, our team pushes the technical limits to the extreme when developing products.

Our collections combine shapes and materials, from the B cap to the E cap, and adapt to all generations of women, through the events of life and the transformations of their bodies.


Of exceptional subjects

100% of our materials are French. Our stylist chooses and works with exceptional materials that adapt to the curves of the body. 

It combines Calais lace, Lyon silk satins, Caudry embroidery with innovative technical fabrics, creating a unique style that provides an unparalleled feel, comfort and refinement.

Thanks to these materials, all the Embody pieces are designed to last and enhance your body. We offer you quality in every details !