Abdominal Bodysuits

Abdominal Bodysuits

The bodysuit is worn day and night for up to 8 weeks after abdominal surgery, DIEP, tummy tuck, or aesthetic intervention on the hips, making comfort essential!

The fabric of Embody compression bodysuits provides a very surprising second-skin effect... Flexible, lightweight, and ultra-breathable, the compression bodysuit is extremely pleasant to wear and significantly reduces post-operative pain.

It will support you in your movements, limit the risk of edema, and contribute to the smooth progress of the post-operative phase.

The seams are thermally bonded to prevent chafing and treat your skin gently. All Embody undergarments are designed to provide you with comfort while being pleasing to the eye! Embody incorporates lace inserts or elegant, well-thought-out details.

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