Immediate post-operative care
Tummy tuck and hip liposuction
Patented design & technology – Class 1 Medical Device

The bodysuit must be worn 24 hours a day. For your comfort, we recommend that you purchase a second product.

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Specifically designed for post-surgical use, the high-tech bodysuit fabric offers multi-dimensional elastic movement and allows for greater compression in the abdomen, facilitating tissue resorption and healing in the operated areas.
It provides both support and flexibility for freedom of movement.
The support is effective without compressing, making it invisible on the skin.


The restorative power of our post-operative lingerie

After a reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, your body is weakened. It needs to be supported in its recovery process by wearing our post-operative lingerie. Our garments reduce pain, improve skin quality and limit swelling and edema in a proven way. 

A soft and effective compression

OEKO-TEX® certified, our SECOND SKIN bi-elastic warp and weft fabric is among the best stretch fabrics in the world. We have specifically designed it for immediate post-operative reconstruction, so that it provides perfect support without a feeling of compression, like a second skin. With its ergonomic elasticity, it reduces pain and edematous volume expansion.

The compression applied to the skin remains stable, even when expanding up to three times the initial body volume. In the same way, our fabric accompanies the changes in body volume during the resorption of edema. 

Incomparable comfort 

Our finishes are heat-bonded, assembled without sewing by the best craftsmen, experts in "bonding" so that they do not leave indelible traces on the skin.

Our patented closures 

Thanks to our incredible patented "easy-clip" fasteners, our lingerie can be easily and ergonomically fastened: an indispensable part of the post-operative period.

High-performance resistance 

The resistance of Embody fabrics is regularly tested by our workshops. Post-operative garments are often put to the test, so they must be robust. Moreover, the application of chlorine or chlorine derivatives will not cause any deterioration of the Embody post-surgery garment fabric.


Our post-operative garment is with you day and night. The Embody fabric has a drying time of 20 minutes. We recommend purchasing two products so that you can alternate between them.

UV protection

Embody lingerie protects against the sun's UV rays (UPF 50+). This protection is particularly important during the post-operative recovery period because the skin is weakened and needs to heal in the best possible conditions.