Blush Chic bra


Immediate post-operative - breast reconstruction, enlargement, reduction or lift

Patented model and technology. Class 1 Medical Device





The Chic model represents the perfect mix between comfort and sophistication thanks to the mix of our high-tech fabric and Lyonnaise embroidery. The result is ultra-modern, between opacity and luxurious openwork embroidery sublimating the back and the neckline. Its fitted shape envelops the bust in a reassuring way and offers a very feminine rounded neckline: the post-operative phase becomes chic! The fabric developed by our team provides ideal support and comfort, without compressing the bust.

  • Easy clip front closure
  • Thermal bonded finishings
  • Light and breathable warp & weft fabric
  • Smooth appearance (fine grain) avoids marking the skin and promotes healing
  • Detachable and adjustable straps
  • Soft and breathable under-chest strap.

An inner pocket for external prosthesis can be inserted free of charge upon request. Patented model and technology. Class 1 Medical Device


30% Elasthanne - 70% Polyamide

Embody Embody Embody Embody Embody


The Embody post-operative range meets the highest standards of quality, comfort and efficiency.


The Chic post-operative bra provides gentle and effective support despite a remarkable second-skin effect! The particularity of Embody fabrics in warp and weft (interwoven yarns) resides in their multiple axes. They stretch simultaneously in different directions, maintaining the same strength, whereas a common mesh only stretches bi-axially and its stretch is then 20% lower.


The Embody warp and weft fabric is multi-dimensional, so the force on the skin will not be higher (and therefore less comfortable) in the oedematous areas where the fabric is more strained. The design team's focus is on comfort; the garment follows the body's volume expansion smoothly. The support remains stable even when the body weight triples, and more importantly, it remains stable when the body weight returns to its original shape, unlike woven knits.


The Embody Research and Development team has developed an extremely light fabric, weighing only 160g/m2. The lightness of the fabric is essential for a post-surgical garment, as it allows the skin to breathe and evacuate scar exudates.


The Embody support bra is resistant to chlorine and its derivatives (Chlorexidine, Dakin, etc.). Embody garments are therefore particularly suitable for patients who have undergone scar treatment with products derived from chlorine.

Fast drying

The fabric of the bra guarantees perfect hygiene thanks to its very short drying time. However, it is recommended to buy two post-operative garments so that one can be washed when wearing the other.

Sun protection

Embody's post-operarive garments provide protection from the sun's rays (UV UPF 50+). This protection is extremely important for the tissue resorption process and the proper healing of the skin.